We’re on a mission to reduce the cost to fulfill through finding efficiencies and end to end digitization of the mortgage process.

Utilizing all technology available and inventing new technologies to improve the mortgage experience for all. AI, RPA, ICR, micro services, and block chain are just a few of the tools we utilize to provide a customized process for lenders.

Our Executive Team

Tammy Richards 

As Chief Executive Officer, Tammy Richards brings over 35 years experience. She has been an executive and has led Nationally at Bank of America, Caliber Home Loans and most recently served as Chief Operating Officer for Loan Depot. She is passionate about and is an expert in the industry's ongoing tech transformation

Karthik Kumar 

As LendArch’s EVP and COO, Karthik is a seasoned Mortgage Banking leader with 25 years of diverse experience in Operations, Transformation , Performance excellence and Digitization. Was leading the TCS Mortgage Practice with industry disruptive digital and cognitive solutions for global home lending industry. He is an international speaker , host and facilitator known for disruptive change and digital transformation at various platforms. Karthik is a Chartered Accountant, Stanford GSB LEAD Alumni and a CRU from MBA.

Trey Richards 

As LendArch's President Trey, a seasoned entrepreneur, brings an unparalleled knowledge of technology and software development to the team. He has been recognized internationally for his contributions to technology innovation in multiple highly regulated fields including finance and legal. Trey has experience developing tech stacks for companies of all sizes from The Fortune 500 to a burgeoning startup and is passionate about the ability for technology to make lives better.

All About Giving 

LendArch feels the need to get back to community and share responsibilities!

Mental health includes children’s mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. It affects how children think, feel, and act.

ADHD, anxiety problems, behavior problems, and depression are the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children. Some of these conditions commonly occur together Depression and anxiety have increased over time.

We at LendArch support, partner and endorse Sky Schools

SKY Schools’ evidence-based programs consistently show increased wellness, improved academic performance, and reduced behavioral incidents, resulting in safer, more successful school communities. Both teachers and students learn to adopt habits that result in a healthy body, mind and outlook. Sky School’s purpose is:

To give teachers tools & techniques they can use inside the classroom and at home to practice self-care so they can manage their own stress and negative emotions.

These teachers naturally buffer the stress of the children they serve, thus helping them become more resilient and successful.